Answering-Ansar and Ali ibn Abi Hamza

Answering-Ansar in its article on Imam Mahdi says:

We believe that Allah (swt) would not leave the believers without an Imam (as) upon the earth, and we believe that the very lifespan of this earth is linked to his lifespan. When his lifespan expires, the earth will likewise come to an end. The earth depends on him (as) and when the veil of occultation is raised by Allah (swt) it will be through him that an earth destroyed by bloodshed and misery will be uprooted and restored to beauty and splendor, with the Kingdom of God on the earth. To this effect we have explicit authentic Shi’a traditions affirming what our Imam (as) shall attain when he reappears


And than it narrates the following hadith

A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from al-Hassan ibn Ali al-Washsha’ from Ali ibn abu Hamza from abu Basir from abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) who has said the following. “It is necessary for the person in charge of this task (Leadership with Divine Authority) to disappear from the public sight and in his disappearance form public sight he must remain away from public. How good is Tayba, the city of Madina, for dwelling and living with thirty people is not frightening isolation.”
Usool al-Kafi, Vol 1, Kitab al-Hujjat, H 903, Ch. 80, h 16
Allamah al-majlesi said: ‘Muwathak’ [Mirat al-Uqool, v4 p50]


But in its article on Uthman, it grades a hadith unacceptable due to Ali bin Abi Hamzah, while he is present in the above hadith also.

Tradition Two

Another tradition often quoted by Nawasib is:

Abu Abdullah [as] stated: ‘The Prophet [s] had the following progeny from Khadija: Qasim, Tahir, Umm Kulthoom, Ruqiyyah, Zainab and Fatima. Fatima was married to Ali bin Abi Talib, Zainab was married to a Ummawi man Abul Aas bin al-Rabi and Umm Kulthoom was married to Uthman but she died before consummation, when they marched to the battle of Badr, Allah’s messenger married him (Uthman) to Ruqiyyah. The prophet had Ibrahim from Maria the Coptic, who was a slave girl.
al-Khisal by Sheikh Seduq, page 404


The tradition is of no use since it contains Ali bin Abi Hamza in the chain of narration about whom Ibn al-Ghadaeri said: ‘May Allah curse him…he was an enemy of the Imam’ (Rijal ibn al-Ghadaeri, page 83). Allamah Heli said: ‘Very weak’ (Khulasat al-Aqwal, page 181). Al-Basri said: ‘Weak’ (Fayq al-Maqal, page 302). Hur al-Amili said: ‘He is dispraised’ (Al-Rijal, page 170). Allamah Majlesi said: ‘Weak’ (Rijal al-Majlesi, page 255). Shaykh Burujerdi said: ‘A Liar’ (Taraef al-Maqal, Volume 1 page 528). Al-Khoei said: ‘A liar’ (Kitab al-Saum, Volume 1 page 380).



Perhaps taqiyah has been practised somewhere to prove Shi’ism the true religion.

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