Timing of breaking fast and the deception of Answering-Ansar

Answering-Ansar says:

The Qur’an instructs us to fast till night “thamar atmou alsiyamar ilaa Al-lail”, and night enters when darkness casts in. Why do you open your fasts early? Why were Umar and Uthman opening their fasts after Maghrib prayers?
Nuqaa’ Umar, Page 110, Hadeeth 351, by Shah Waliallah Dhelavi

The scholars at Answering-Ansar don’t know how to read Arabic. They also don’t know how to read Urdu. The way they have transliterated the Quranic verse shows the poor Quran reading skills of Answering-Ansar, which is trying to spread the truth.

The Quranic verse is

thumma atimmoo alssiyama ila allayli

Now compare it with what Answering-Ansar has said

thamar atmou alsiyamar ilaa Al-lail

Then Answering-Ansar, showing the poor reading skills of its authors, didn’t know how to read the simple and very commonly used word fiqh, and confused the ف with ن . Of course this can be expected from the scholars of Answering-Ansar only. So the book it took reference from (while copying from Abdul Kareem Mushtaq’s book) is fiqh Umar, and not nuqaa Umar.

Now we have two kind of narrations, according to one, it i mentioned that Umar and Uthman would pray after breaking fast, and according to the other, they would pray before breaking fast. Shah Waliullah has mentioned both kind of narrations.

The first kind of narration is present in Musannaf ibn abi shayba, and the second kind of hadith is present in Muwatta Imam Malik. Both are disconnected reports.

But in religious issues, when there is a hadith of Prophet (s), then we don’t have to take evidence from the sunnah of a Sahabi, and we have many ahadith that the Prophet (s) would break his fast before praying.

عن أنس أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كان لا يصلي حتى يفطر ولو بشربة من ماء

It has been narrated by Anas that he said :   “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would not pray Maghrib until he had broken his fast, if only with a sip of water.(Reported by Imam Baihaqi, ; al-Silsilat al-Saheehah, 2110)

Moreover, our brother at Islamistruth blog, has already written about it. Click here to read it.

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