The beliefs of Shias about the Prophets and AA deceptions

Answering-Ansar says:

Other sects (not including the Shi’a school) consider prophets to be the necessary pivots of Guidance, but deem such individuals to be sinners.

They believe that:

  • Hadhrath Adam (as) was punished via for expulsion on account of disobedience to Allah (swt).
  • Hadhrath Ibrahim (as) told three lies.
  • …and Hadhrath Yunus (Jonah) was punished that’s why he was kept in the fish belly
  • Hadhrath Sulayman (as) pride on himself and he was punished and ALLAH took government from Hadhrath Sulayman (God forbid)

Lets read what Shias believe. Shias believe that Yunus was kept in fish belly because he disobeye

Majlisi records the following traditions in his book

از امام محمد باقر عليه السلام پرسيدند از تفسير قول حق تعالى فلما آتيهما صالحا جعلا له شركاء فيما آتيهما، فرمود: ايشان آدم و حوا بودند و شرك ايشان شرك طاعت بود كه اطاعت شيطان كردند

Imam Baqir (as) was asked about the tafsir of the verse  But when He gives them a good one, they set up with Him associates in what He has given them [007:190] He said “This refers to Adam and Eve for they committed Shirk by obeying Satan the Cursed.

Hayat ul Qulub, Vol. 1, p. 74

We read in Al Kafi,

عن أبي بصير قال: قال أبوعبدالله عليه السلام: اصول الكفر ثلاثة: الحرص، والاستكبار، والحسد، فأما الحرص فان آدم عليه السلام حين نهي عن الشجرة، حمله الحرص على أن أكل منها

Abu Basir narrates that the usool of Kufr are three : Greed , arrogance and jealousy. As far as (the kufr of) greed is concerned, it was present in Adam (as). When he was prohibited from eating the fruit of the tree, it was greed which persuaded him to eat it.

Al Kafi, Vol. 2, p. 249

Again we read in Hayat ul Quloob

به سند معتبر از حضرت اميرالمؤ منين عليه السلام منقول است كه : حق تعالى عرض كرد ولايت مرا به بر اهل آسمانها و زمين پس قبول كرد هر كه قبول كرد و انكار كرد هر كه انكار كرد و چنانچه بايد قبول نكرد يونس تا آنكه خدا او را در شكم ماهى حبس كرد تا قبول كرد چنانچه شرط قبول بود

It has been narrated through a reliable sanad that Amir ul Momineen (i.e Ali) said : Allah presented my wilayah to the people of the earth and the heavens, so those who accepted it, accepted it and those who rejected it, rejected. When Yunus rejected it, Allah imprisoned him in the belly of the fish till he accpeted it (i.e my wilayah).

Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 1, p. 459

Similarly we read in Tafsir Nur al thaqalayn

Abdullah bin Umar came to Ali bin Hussain (Zainul Abideen) and asked:

O son of Hussain! Do you say that Junah (Yunus) was put in the belly of the fish because the wilayah of my grandfather was presented to him, than he didn’t accept it? He said : Yes, may your mother weep over you. He (i.e Ibn Umar) said : If you are truthful, than show me a sign. He told us to close our eyes. When he ordered us to open our eyes, we saw that we were standing near a huge sea.

Ibn Umar said: My master! fear God regarding me. He said : Be comfortable, than he said : O fish! Than a huge fish’s head appeared in the sea, as if a huge mountain. It said: O wali of Allah, I am present. I am present. He (i.e Zainul Abideen) said : Who are you? It said ! My master! There was no such prophet from Adam till Muhammad, your grandfather, upon whom , the wilayah of you ahlelbayt was not presented. So those prophets who acceptd the wilayah, they remained safe. And those who didn’t , they were put in trouble. That is why Adam was put in trouble, and that is why Noah was put in flood, and that is why Abraham was put in fire, and that is why Joseph (Yusuf) was put in well, and that is why Ayyub was put in trouble, and that is why David made a mistake, than God sent Junah, and sent wahi upon him, that O Junah, accept the wilayah of Amir ul Momineen (i.e Ali)

Tafsir Nur al thaqalayn Vol. 3, p. 435

This was just a glimpse of what Shias believe regarding the Prophets. Such traditions are widespread in the Shia books.

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  • Hashim  On February 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I can also expose some lies of AA. Will you publish it here? And if yes, how?

    • abdullah  On February 29, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      Write down the material in MS Word and upload it on internet and post the link in the comments here.

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