Answering-Ansar’s blatant lie about Humayd ibn Ziyad

Answering-Ansar’s deceptions have no limits. In trying to prove that Ali’s daughter Umm Kulthum was never married to Umar, it had to depend on lies and deceptions heavily. The fact that this marriage indeed happened is a source of great trouble for the Shias. Perhaps Answering-Ansar was trying to gain some extra rewards for Taqiyyah while “revealing the truth”?

Answering-Ansar says:

Interestingly is the fact that our great Shi’a scholar Allamah Hullee (ra) writing on this individual deemed him “Aam” (common) that in Shi’a circles means non Shi’a (Khulasathul al Kuwwal page 219). If Nasibi will take issue that a Sunni taught Kulayni then we shoiuld point out that your Imam Bukhari also had teachers that were Shi’a. The views of a non-Shi’a have no value to us.

What Allama Helli actually said in Khulasatul Aqwal is the following

حميد بن زياد

ثقة عالم جليل واسع العلم كثير التصانيف

Humayd ibn Ziyad :

Thiqqah great scholar having huge knowledge and author of many books.

Khulasatul Aqwal fi marifatul rijal by Shaykh Helli , online reference

Moreover , he has been declared thiqqah in Fehrest of Shaikh Tusi, p. 118  and Rijal Najashi p. 132. And Majlisi declared this narration “Mawthaq” in Miratul Aqul, Vol. 21 p. 197

The second hadith has been declared “Sahih” by Majlisi in Miratul Aqul, Vol. 21. p. 199

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