Answering-Ansar’s lies about the author of Kashaful ghummah

Answering-Ansar said :

First and foremost we should inform our readers that Arbali is not considered a major Shi’a scholar. Kashf al-Ghumma is the only book that he authored – on the Ahl’ul bayt (as), in which he gathered the Sunni traditions that prove the righteousness of Ahl’ul bayt (as) and their virtues.

At another place, AA team attributes the book ‘Kashaful Ghummah’ to the Ahle Sunnah.

The Qur’an has clearly used this term as meaning intercourse so if we are to accept this hadith as Sahih then it means that Ayesha claimed Rasulullah (s) had sex with her whilst she was menstruating. By deeming such hadith as Sahih these Nasibi have alleged that Rasulullah (s) violated a Qur’anic injunction (astaghfirullah).

The image had such a lasting effect on the Sahaba Jabir, that Ahl’ul Sunnah’s authority work Kashaf al Ghimma page 65, narrates Jabir’s words, from the mouth of Ayesha:

“During my menses, Rasulullah (s) would ‘Bashr’ [have intercourse] with me. He would order me to tie a knot in a large cloth, after I did this he would embrace my chest”

Is there any greater immorality than having sex with one’s wife during her menses? Allah (swt) has condemned such an act and the Ahl as-Sunnah have proudly claimed that Rasulullah (s) had done just that.


Now lets read what Majlisi says in his book, Behar al anwar

وكتاب كشف الغمة من أشهر الكتب ، ومؤلفه من العلماء الامامية

The book Kashaful ghummah is one of the famous books, and his author is from the scholars of Imamiya

Shaykh Abbas Qummi says

بهاء الدين أبو الحسن علي بن عيسى بن ابى الفتح الاربلي من كبار العلماء الامامية، العالم الفاضل الشارعر الاديب المنشئ النحرير والمحدث الخبير الثقة الجليل أبو الفضائل والمحاسن الجمة صاحب كتاب كشف الغمة في معرفة الائمة ” عليه السلام ” فرغ من تصنيفه سنة 687، وله رسالة الطيف وديوان شعر وعدة رسائل، وله شعر كثير في مدح الائمة ” عليه السلام ” ذكر جملة منه في كشف الغمة، وكتابه كشف الغمة كتاب نفيس جامع حسن

Bahaud din Abul Hasan Ali bin Eesa bin Abil Fath Al Arbali is amongst the grand scholars of Imamiya, a great muhaddith, thiqqah, author of Kashaful ghumma, which he completed in 687 , and in his other books are Risalatul Latif, Diwan she’r , wadatur rasail, and he has lots of poetic lines in the praise of Aimmah (as) which he mentioned in kashaful ghummah, and his book Kashaful ghummah is a precious book.

Hur al Aamili says:
كان عالماً فاضلاً محدثاً ثقة شاعراً أديباً منشئاً جامعاً للفضائل والمحاسن له كتب منها : كتاب كشف الغمة في معرفة الأئمة جامع حسن فرغ من تأليفه سنة 687 وله رسالة الطيف ، وديوان شعر ، وعدة رسائل.

Grand scholar, Muhaddith, thiqqah, Poet, amongst his books are kashaful ghummah, which he completed in 687 , and risalatul latif, diwan she’r , and wadatur rasail.

The other shia website ( says about his books:

كشف الغُمّة في معرفة الأئمّة(عليهم السلام)، المقالات الأربع، رسالة الطيف، ديوان شعر.

Kashaful ghummah, maqalat al arba’ , risalatul latif, diwan she’r

You can see the website of Lies lying again and again, its lies are non stop.

Now what about the Sunni narrations in this book?

Arbali says in his muqaddima

واعتمدت في الغالب النقل من كتب الجمهور ، ليكون أدعى إلى تلقّيه بالقبول

I have depended on the books of jamhoor (i.e both Sunnis and Shias), so that it gets acceptance (from the two sides).

Muqaddima, Kashaful ghummah

So he didn’t narrated the Sunni tradition just for fun, rather he wanted the book to become acceptable. Surely now what he narrated from the Sunni traditions, he obviously considered them present in both Shia and Sunni books, that is why he mentioned them in his book so that it would become acceptable for both the Shias and the Sunnis.

Anyhow, the above mentioned incident is mentioned in many other Shia books, e.g Bihar al anwar of Mulla Baqir Majlisi

قال علي : فأقبل رسول الله صلى الله عليه واله فقال : يا أبا الحسن انطلق الان فبع درعك وائتني بثمنه حتى اهيئ لك ولا بنتي فاطمة ما يصلحكما . قال علي : فانطلقت فبعته بأربعمائة درهم سود هجرية ، من عثمان بن عفان فلما قبضت الدراهم منه وقبض الدرع مني قال : يا أبا الحسن لست أولى بالدرع منك وأنت أولى بالدراهم مني ، فقلت : بلى ، قال : فان الدرع هدية مني إليك فأخذت الدرعوالدراهم ، وأقبلت إلى رسول الله صلى الله عليه واله فطرحت الدرع والدراهم بين يديه وأخبرته بماكان من أمر عثمان ، فدعاله بخير

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  • gift2shias  On January 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Salam alaikum.

    Jazak Allah hayran. Good.

  • Ali  On January 26, 2012 at 2:24 am

    Refute the entire article . you can’t now can you . It’s amazing how victorious you feel by little errors found ( if what your saying is true) but are unable refute the entire article. How many have treid to do this 1’s and 2zes but can’t prove the entire article incorrect . Answering – Ansar has done good work and InshAllah will continue to do so as we ALL strive for Haq.

    • Abu Hurayrah  On July 25, 2012 at 2:57 am

      Attributing your own book to you opponent is obviously something very normal and small in Shi’a mentality LOL.

  • abu hamza rajanpuri  On July 3, 2012 at 7:48 am

    @ Ali
    Answering-ansar should indeed sorry us for clear lies which they attribute us.

    JazakAllah Brother Abdullah Khan

  • Abu Hurayrah  On July 25, 2012 at 2:55 am

    Mashallah, excellent work

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