The mazhab of Waqidi and Abu Makhnaf

The website of lies and deception says:

Since the field of history is mostly relied upon for revealing the detestable actions of Muawiyah and Co, the present day Nawasib try their utmost to exihibt their treachous nature and cast doubts on the authneticty of certain notable narrators of historical text. Abu Mukhnaf Lut bin Yahyah and Waqidi are two such narrators who shall appear in the texts we will quote throughout this article. The Nawasib shall no doubt bring objections against both narrators accompanied with deceitfulness. We shall therefore direct our readers to these two links right at the start of the article that contains the refutation to all objections the Nawasib raise against both of these Sunni figures:

1. Muhammad bin Umar al-Waqidi

2. Abu Mukhnaf Lut bin Yahyah

Are they really Sunni figures?

قال ابن النديم: إن الواقدي كان يتشيع، حسن المذهب، يلزم التقية

Ibn Nadeem said : Waqidi was a Shia of good mazhab, and he would practice taqiyah


Abu Makhnaf has a book named Maqtal al-Hussain, that is enough proof if anyone read it that he was a Shiite

Another Shiite website says:

Ibn-un-Nadim says in Al-Fahrist?” I have read the opinions of scholars written in the hand of Ahmad bin al-Harith al-Khazzar that Abu Mukhnif is more informed about Iraq, its affairs and conquests. Same is the case of Al-Mada’ini in respect to Khurasan, India and Fars and of Al-Waqidi in respect to Al-Hijaz and Sirah (Biography of the Prophet). They are all at par in respect to the conquests of Syria.» Two out of them are Shi’ites, Abu Mukhnif and Al-Waqidi. The former died during the second century.


Answering Ansar should reduce taqiyah a little.

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