Was Imam Shaafi a Rafidi?

The infamous Shiite website of lies and deception says:

Imam Shaafi was a Rafidi

Ibn Hajjar Makki records the statement of Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Muhammad Idris Shaafi:

‘If loving the Wasi of the Prophet, Ali Murtadha a Rafidi, then verily amongst all the people I am the greatest Rafidi�From the plain of Mina I will shout to all those standing or sitting, if loving the family of the Prophet makes you a Rafidi, then I testify before the mankind and Djinns I am a Rafidi”
Sawaiq al Muhriqah, page 449 & 450 (Faisalabad, Pakistan)

While if you check the scan, and if you can understand Urdu, you can see the lie clearly. Actually he said

When we speak about the virtues of Ali , we are called Rafidhi by the ignorants, and when I speak about the virtues of  Abu Bakr, than I am accused of being a Kharijiite. I will always be called Rafidhi and Kharijiite because of the love of these two, till I am buried in sand, meaning till I die. Then he said : People say that I have become a Rafidhi. I say : Not at all. Rifdh is not my religion and belief at all. No doubt, I have befriended a great guider and Imam. If loving a wali is Rifdh than I am a great Rafidhi. Then he said : O rider, stay at Muhsab in Mina and say  when the pilgrimers move to mina like the waves of River Furat,  if loving the family of the Prophet makes you a Rafidi, then I testify before the mankind and Djinns I am a Rafidi”

You will never find the word Wasi, rather  the word used here is Wali and the people having little knowledge understand very well why this was done.

Wasi means successor/legatee , while Wali has different meanings, it can be friend or guardian also.

Here is the actual scan, click it to enlarge.

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  • Refuting-Lies  On January 23, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Simple,Imam Shafi’i said (my own wordings)
    “Ignorants call me a Khwariji when I praise Abu Bakr and they call me a Rafidhi when I praise Ahlel-Bayt”
    anyone who understands urdu will know it

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