Lies in the topic : al-Waqidi

Here once again , the answering-ansar teams want to fool the people, as usual, thinking it will never be exposed.

First of all, Waqidi, if he is so much reliable for Shias, perhaps they will accept the satanic verses too. The shia website says:

In their attempt to absolve their spiritual fathers such as Muawiyah and Yazeed [la], they have cunningly cited the negative opinions of Sunni scholars regarding Waqidi in the field of ‘hadith’.

But we ask them , if they trust him so much, than accept the satanic verses too, which is based on the accounts of Waqidi and Tabari.

So if anyone thinks that all the accounts of Waqidi must be true, than lets see how he deals with the satanic verses.

The truth about Waqidi is that he was a Shiite, as the famous Shia scholar, Ibn Nadeem has quoted in his book “al-Fehrest”

قال ابن النديم: إن الواقدي كان يتشيع، حسن المذهب، يلزم التقية

Ibn Nadeem said : Waqidi was a Shia of good mazhab, and he would practice taqiyah


As far as the person named al-Hasan ibn Farhan al-Maliki is concerned, fatawas have been issued against him,

and nowadays he is seen with his shia beloveds.

So this is a lie that this dude is a beloved of salafies, rather the truth is , he is a beloved of shias.

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