Hasan’s allegiance to Muawiyah

Lets read Al Bidaya wa al Nihaya by Ibn Katheer

Al Bidaya wa al nihaya, Volume 8, Page 26-27

Hasan (may Allah be pleased with him) paid allegiance to Muawiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) at 40 H, that is why it is called Aamul Jamaat (عام الجماعۃ – the year of jamaat)  , and Ibn Jarir and other scholars say that it happened at the beginning of 41 H.

Now you can see the lie clearly, and the way the AA team tries to mislead the people. This website is so full of lies, that clearly depicts their ahadith,

Imam Al-sajjad (as) said: If you see people of suspicion and innovation – other than shias or new shia – then show disownment from them and abuse them much, backbit them, make false accusations on them – that is, backbite them by attributing lies on them and make false accusations on them (‘Buhtaan’)[tanbiah al-khawatir v.2 p.162 – wasael al-shia v.11 p. 508 – Nahj al-intisaar p.152]

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Now as far as allegiance of Hasan to Muawiya is concerned, this is not only present in Sunni books, but in shia books also.

Suleman went to Hasan and said “Our surprise knows no bounds when we see that you have rendered allegiance to Muawiyah in face of the fact that you had a strong army from Kufa, of 40,000 men, and warriors from the people of Hijaz and Basrah. If I was in your place, I would not have done like this. Hasan replied “I am not going to say anything besides that God has blessed us with peace in unity.

Maqtal Abi Makhnaf, Page 13

Book Scans

Maqtal Abi Makhnaf
Page 13

Imam Hasan, Muhammad Ali Al Haj Salmin , page 157

More over, it is stated in Al Ash sharah , that Sadeer said that he went to Imam Baqir once and asked “How can it be possible in face of the fact that Hasan rendered allegiance to Muawiyah.” Baqir said “Keep silent, Sadeer. What Hasan did was good.”

See : Imam Hasan, Muhammad Ali Al Haj Salmin, Page 166

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